Cómo ahorrar dinero rápido

Cómo ahorrar dinero

Cómo ahorrar dinero

Es más fácil hacer dinero que cuidarlo. Hacer dinero es casi automático para muchos. Hacer buenas inversiones es otra cosa. Para ahorrar dinero, uno debe consultar con inversionistas.

¿Cuánto rendimiento de una inversión, de capital invertido se necesitaría idealmente para doblar dinero cada 2 años? Respuesta: 36%

Empezando con una inversion de 10,000, en 14 años se podría lograr lo siguiente doblando cada 2 años.


Ejemplo de inversiones y la rentabilidad de la inversión.

Ejemplos de inversiones y la rentabilidad de la inversión.

“It is safe to say that the average man has found it easier to make money than to take care of it. Money-making, for him, is the result of successful activity in his own line of business, with which he is thoroughly familiar; while the investment of money is a thing apart from his business, with which he is not familiar, and of which he may have had little practical experience. His failure to invest money wisely is not due to any want of intelligence or of proper care and foresight on his part, as he sometimes seems to believe, but simply because he is ignorant of the principles of a business which differs radically from his own.

The investment of money is a banker’s business. When the average man has funds to invest, whether he be a business man or a pure investor, he should consult some experienced and reliable investment banker just as he would consult a doctor or a lawyer if he were in need of medical or legal advice.”  – George Henry


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